Brick Replacement

Attention to detail is a vital part of brick replacement and Premier Building Restoration, Inc. goes above and beyond to ensure that when brick replacement is needed, it is done with precision and accuracy. Keeping the architectural integrity of a building is an integral part of Premier’s Brick Replacement services. Matching patterns, colors, and style is paramount and something that we excel at.

Brick Pointing

Exterior bricks are a part of buildings that need to be constantly maintained properly not only for aesthetic purposes but also for structural and safety purposes. These parts of a building may be affected by close structural damages or issues with regards to water infiltration. Premier begins any project with a thorough inspection of the building’s structure to determine the proper
course of action to take. Our expertise in handling different building materials makes it possible to carefully extract dirt from the bricks and showcase the mortar joints as part of the building’s overall design.



Stone Replacement

Premier Building Restoration, Inc. extensive experience with marble, limestone, masonries and stone panels allows us to offer several remedies for corrosion and deterioration while keeping the integrity of a building intact. Premier offers corrective actions to undo stone corrosion and deterioration. Replacement of deteriorated building materials and parts are a crucial part of our Stone Pointing services, a process that restores the stones back to their original design and direction, adding balance and support to the structural keep of a building.

Stone Pointing

It is essential that mortar joints be properly maintained to prevent structural damage. Premier starts by inspecting each mortar joint to assess the extent of the damage. Our experts work to thoroughly remove all the broken pieces and dust to prevent further damage to the other healthy parts of the joint. After a brisk brushing, the joint is sharpened and tooled to shine in its original condition.



Softer stone such as brownstone and other sedimentary rocks can show signs of extreme deterioration due to water and other natural forces quicker than brick or concrete. In addition to repointing for structural integrity, brownstone can be restored to its original beauty through composite patching, color matching, and surface finishing by the professionals at Premier Building Restoration, Inc.




We pride ourselves on our Professional and Quality service and we carry that Premier attitude into our Waterproofing department. We waterproof facades by starting with a thorough inspection for potential water leakage issues and material erosion. Using a state-of-theart application system, we apply waterresistant material to ensure a proper seal
that does not erode over time and that penetrates the surface for a quality airtight seal. Our Waterproofing services play a vital role in keeping a building structurally sound and damage free.


Our experience in dealing with different forms of piping and water systems has allowed us to strengthen our specialty in the Caulking field. Premier Building Services has developed an expert solution to sealing joints in building walls, concrete floors, windows and even masonry walls. This solution allows a building to hold its integrity and prevent future damage.



While the structural integrity of a building is essential, the decorative design is also an integral part of the overall architectural integrity. At Premier, we preserve these materials through special coatings that enhance the natural components of the materials. The coatings that we use are expertly designed to prevent any leakages, cracks, spalling and stains.



Years of accumulated dirt, rust, and debris can turn into complications if not acted upon in a timely manner. Premier’s Cleaning Services uses state-of-theart equipment that produces high water pressure to thoroughly cleanse all building facets with water and steam, thus avoiding the use of chemicals that may ruin the make of the building materials. Dirt, grime, tar, graffiti, and more doesn’t stand a chance when Premier is on the job.