Additional Services


To protect a buildings surfaces, Premier offers a Coating service that prevents the growth of bacteria on a surface and helps protect against deterioration. Our coatings are of the utmost quality and are expertly applied to ensure a long life for the concrete surface that it is applied to.

Protect, Preserve, and Beautify with Premier’s Coating Services.


Our pedestrian and vehicular coatings provide concrete protection for parking structures by allowing a more reliable and skid-resistant flooring. Our coatings prevent the build up
of moisture and other substances that can contribute to the early deterioration of the parking surfaces.

Premier begins this process by expertly applying several layers of waterproof coatings to and throughout parking and pedestrian surfaces such as ramps, walkways, and parking spaces.


Uneven and cracked concrete is not only an eyesore, it is also a safety hazard. Premier’s concrete replacement and re-leveling service ensures that the walkways, sidewalks, and concrete flooring are safe for use. Cracked, sunken, and unlevel pieces are repaired or replaced and any slabs that act as a basin for water are removed.