Sealant and Caulking Maintenance Services

Water infiltration in a building can trigger a variety of issues, including mold, damage to interior finishes, failed materials, and even structural problems. Premier’s waterproofing services can ensure a watertight building envelope by repairing existing moisture issues and preventing future moisture infiltration. 

Using a state-of-the art application system, Premier applies water resistant material to ensure a proper seal that moves water away from your building. Waterproofing is a multi-faceted system and should consider all aspects of how moisture can enter a building. Up from the foundation, down through failed flashing and coping, in through seams in the building, around windows or doors with deteriorated sealant, and across large expanses of walls with building systems that no longer protect or allow moisture to escape. Premier uses a holistic approach when reviewing your building to ensure all aspects are considered and a repair plan addresses the entire building.

Premier Building Restoration’s waterproofing services play a vital role in keeping your building structurally sound and damage free, while ensuring your project stays within budget. We can establish a maintenance plan to ensure repairs are addressed before damage advances and routinely check your structure for leaks and water infiltration.

Waterproofing Services include: flashing, reglet installation, vapor-permeable coatings, joint sealant


Permeability is the rate that air or water vapor can pass through something, such as a coating or membrane. The rate at which it passes can be impacted by the air or vapor pressure on one side. Vapor-permeable coatings do not allow water in its liquid form to pass through one direction, but they do allow water in its gas (or vapor) form to escape from the opposite side. 

This means that using a vapor-permeable coating on a building exterior will stop rain and other moisture from coming through into the coated wall, but moisture in the gas form (that may have entered from the inside, above, or below) can still escape from the wall through the coating.