Precision Pointing & Restoration

Premier is Philadelphia’s trusted brick restoration contractor, with experience in projects spanning from minor aesthetic repairs, to brick pointing, to major structural exterior restorations. As the recipient of 11 awards from the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, Premier Building Restoration understands the nuances of brick buildings, their unique building systems, and the appropriate mortar to manage those systemswhether they were constructed in 1752 or 1952.

Brick building systems require special attention to ensure the bricks, mortar, and the structure itself remain compatible. Premier’s extensive experience in the restoration field ensures that any new repairs to your historic building maintain that balance. 

Brick Restoration Services include: brick repair, custom brick replacement, and brick pointing with color matching material. Premier specializes in using historically appropriate lime mortars.


Brick Replacement is necessary when an existing brick is broken or cracked beyond repair. Our skilled craftspeople examine each brick, determine which bricks need to be replaced, and work with industry professionals to simulate the appropriate texture, material, and color. Once a brick restoration plan is identified, damaged bricks are removed carefully, the area is cleaned, and replacements are set in with an appropriate mortar and joint finish.


The material found between bricks or stones on a building is known as mortar and is designed to be a sacrificial element. Periodically, mortar must be replaced to ensure that the building system processes (ie: movement and moisture) are functioning properly and that the building is functioning as it was designed.

Brick Pointing is the process of replacing the mortar joints between bricks. Pointing can control moisture penetration of the building, repair cracks, reinforce the structure, and prevent additional damage. Premier’s skilled craftspeople examine each mortar joint, prepare any area in need of repair, and point the joints to ensure the final product is a solid, appropriate mortar and joint finish. All preparation and pointing work is performed by experienced craftspeople, ensuring that all stable, existing brick and materials are preserved and the mortar matches the existing materials.