Stone Restoration Services

Premier Building Restoration has been trusted to care for Pennsylvania’s treasured stone structures for over 25 years. As a result, they have performed work ranging from pointing of mortar joints to full, exterior stone restorations. Premier understands the stone materials that make southeastern Pennsylvania so unique and are the recipient of 11 awards from the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with the needed stone repairs, stone replacement, or stonepointing to preserve your historic building.

Stone Restoration Services include:

  • custom stone replacement
  • stone repair
  • stone patching
  • dry-laid wall restoration
  • stone pointing with compatible mortars


Replacing stone elements on an historic building becomes necessary when an existing stone is broken or cracked beyond repair. When this is the case, Premier’s skilled craftspeople begin the replacement process by examining each stone to determine which elements are beyond repair or patching. Then, working with industry professionals they are able to replace it with a new stone or simulate the appropriate texture, material, and color of the stone material. Following the identification of a stone in need of replacement, the damaged stones are carefully removed, the area is cleaned, and consequently, a replacement is set in with the appropriate mortar and joint finish.


Stone Pointing is the process of replacing the mortar joints between stones. As an example of their importance, mortar joints control moisture penetration of the building, reinforce the structure, and prevent additional damage from water and vermin infiltration. Premier has completed projects containing a wide variety of stone materials, from granite to limestone to Wissahickon schist to brownstone. Accordingly, each type of stone has its own properties and mortar requirements.

Premier’s experience with these materials, and the related building systems, ensures a successful completion of your project. Our skilled craftspeople are dedicated to creating a compatible mortar joint for your historic building. Firstly, to complete this process our crew will examine each mortar joint and prepare the locations in need of repair. Then, following in the tradition of generations of masons, our craftspeople point the joints to ensure the final product is a solid, appropriate mortar and joint finish. All preparation and pointing work is done by experienced craftspeople, guaranteeing that all stable, existing stone and materials is preserved and all new mortar simulates the existing materials.


African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas

Premier was hired to complete a restoration campaign that consisted of both interior and exterior repairs on the three-building property that included the following work:

  • stone pointing
  • stone replacement
  • mortar analysis
  • silver coating of sloped roofs
  • roof flashing repairs
  • interior stone cleaning

Read more about this history of and our work at the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas

John James Audubon Center

Stone pointing and stone patching were part of the masonry restoration campaign on the first American home of the artist and naturalist, John James Audubon.

  • chimney rebuild
  • facade cleaning
  • stone pointing
  • stone patching

Read more about this history of and our work at the John James Audubon Center.