When concrete experiences cracking, rust jacking, efflorescence, spalling, leaks, or settlement, Premier’s extensive concrete experience is the best choice for your building repairs. Two-time winner of International Concrete Repair Institute awards and an ongoing participant in continuing education, Premier is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the concrete industry. 

Even a highly-durable material such as concrete can experience damage due to moisture, cold weather and other natural elements, vandalism, or a general lack of maintenance. Premier Building Restoration can bring the experience you need to your concrete restoration project. 

Concrete Restoration Services include: concrete cleaning, patching, replacement, coating, and rebar corrosion remediation. Premier specializes in multi-phase structural concrete repairs.


With decades of experience in the logistics of intricate, multi-aspect concrete restoration projects within the Greater Philadelphia area, Premier can identify the best approach to solving your building’s concrete needs. Starting with a complete assessment of damage to the property and identifying the cause and the areas that require repair or replacement, Premier’s team will evaluate your building and, as needed, work with qualified engineers to identify the best path forward.

Having completed countless projects within Center City Philadelphia and a thorough understanding of the required permits and planning that goes into the smooth execution of a plan, Premier can seamlessly oversee the details of your concrete restoration project. Premier has the experience and the resources to finish your project at the highest quality, on time, and on budget.