Large-scale changes to masonry buildings may be completed as a response to damage or as a requirement to facilitate adaptive reuse of a structure. Exposure to moisture and decades of environmental wear can deteriorate masonry buildings. Premier’s experienced team can assess your building’s damage and identify the best approach to repairing or reconstructing it. When needed, we can partner with architects and engineers to ensure the building is structurally sound and safe. 

Adaptive reuse of historic buildings often calls for both functional reconfiguration of the space as well as structural reinforcement. The Premier team has worked on adaptive reuse projects throughout Philadelphia that have reimagined many of the city’s unused structures. By retrofitting adjustments to walls and openings and by carefully reconstructing structural elements damaged by wear and neglect, Premier has been part of revitalizing neighborhoods while retaining their historic buildings and their unique sense of place.

Premier Building Restoration has decades of experience with large-scale masonry reconstruction projects and is fully qualified to make changes to your masonry building. Whether your repair or retrofit is required following the failure of materials or is elective to facilitate a change in use; Premier ensures your alterations are carefully planned and expertly executed. 

Commonly required structural changes:

  • Retrofitting of existing openings
  • Steel lintel replacement
  • Reconstruction of load-bearing walls


  • Helical/ Helifix
  • Cintec™
  • Prosoco Stitch Tie® 

Building anchors are part of a structural anchoring and reinforcement system that can be tailored to meet the specific strengthening and repair requirements of individual projects. The system allows masonry structures to remain in place while installing an internal reinforcement system. This can be extremely valuable to historic masonry buildings that would benefit from structural reinforcement but are challenged by reconstruction due to cost, accessibility, or availability of materials.

Premier Building Restoration is an approved contractor for Cintec™ Anchor System and has completed training from the manufacturer to ensure the systems are correctly installed and maximum benefits are realized for the building. Applicable on an array of masonry materials – stone, concrete, clay, terra cotta, adobe – it can also be used under water and in weak substrates.