Stucco & Eifs Repair Services

Stucco and Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) damage can easily go undetected due to its location on a building and the material’s ability to conceal issues until it has reached extensive levels. Inspecting and repairing this damage in a timely manner can save building owners both time and money.

Premier provides exceptional service for both installation and remediation of existing stucco. Our skilled craftspeople work to find the underlying problem causing the stucco damage, remedy the issue, properly prepare the area for installation, and expertly finish the stucco to the required texture and shade.


Protect and preserve your new or restored stucco with an appropriate and professionally applied coating. In addition to extending the life of your stucco surface, the correct coating will ensure the preferred aesthetic is obtained. Premier has extensive experience with vapor-permeable coatings to decrease water absorption and deterioration to protect your stucco surface.

Coating Options

  • Clear coats: no visual impact on the surface
  • Stains: minimal visual impact, original texture of surface remains
  • Thick texture coating: largest visual impact on surface to mask texture or imperfections