Building exteriors experience deterioration and degradation that can become a safety hazard over time. Dangerous situations, such as falling hazards of loose building materials, deterioration, failure of the building envelope seal, and the resulting pathways created for water to enter a building, can all subsequently be identified during a facade inspection. Philadelphia Building Code requires that buildings six or more stories, or over 60′ tall, complete periodic facade inspections. Premier can help you plan and complete your facade repairs.

Premier has extensive experience accessing building exteriors and completing façade inspections, which can save you time and money. When Premier leads your inspection, they will coordinate with licensed engineers and be able to immediately mobilize and complete “make safe” repairs as the contracted company with access to the building exterior.

Additionally, for repairs with a longer timeline, Premier can project the costs for repairs and create a long-term plan based on the assessment and your budget.

According to Philadelphia Building Code, periodic facade inspections are required for buildings exceeding 60 ft in height. More than 80% of buildings inspected are in need of repair to make them safe and to meet code.

To ensure a complete and in-depth facade inspection, Premier will coordinate with licensed engineers and architects to provide direct access to the building facade using the most appropriate means and methods.