Specialty Inspections & Consulting

Building systems and aging exteriors often require a closer inspection to find out the depth of a failure or the root of the problem. Premier Building Restoration can help you take a closer look at your building to determine the source of the issue, the extent of the deterioration, and what the original materials were to ensure changes and repairs are sympathetic to the structure. 

Historic masonry and building restoration is not a one-size fits all process. Your building is unique and deserves an in-depth review to ensure the repairs are appropriate and fully address your concerns. Premier has been inspecting masonry structures for over 25 years to identify the best plan for restoration, preservation, and repairs. Contact us to see how we can help you with your building and restoration project.


Water, weather, structural movement, and settlement can all wear on a building’s masonry system. Premier’s experts can identify issues, recommend the best approach to make repairs, and work with property owners to prevent further damage.

With experience in all facets of masonry restoration, and specializing in brick, stone, and concrete, Premier has been identifying and resolving issues for over 25 years. Let our experience make the difference on your next project.



Water leaks can lead to extensive damage in buildings. Evidence of a leak can conceal larger issues and, when ignored, the damage can extend to the building’s interior. Premier works to identify the source of leaks and develop a repair strategy to prevent further damage and protect your property. 

Experienced technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your building for potential water leakage issues and material erosion. They will then identify a repair plan to ensure a proper seal that does not erode over time and penetrates the surface for a quality, airtight seal. 



The mortar composition on brick or stone structures is key to a successful project. Identifying the materials that comprise the mortar so they can be accurately replicated will affect its strength, structural compatibility, color, and texture. 

Premier has years of expertise working with historic mortars and their analysis to ensure we are able to simulate an historic mix design for your project.