Terracotta Restoration Services

Deteriorated terra cotta units can pose a high risk and be a fall hazard on many buildings due to the original installation methods and the natural deterioration of the materials. Premier Building Restoration has a wide-range of experience repairing and replacing terra cotta on both low and high-rise buildings. 

Terra cotta units are often found on ornamental building details, cornices, water tables, window surrounds, and entire facades of historic structures. With origins as early as 3000 bce, terra cotta experienced a revival in the 19th century, particularly in urban environments like Philadelphia. Though often incorrectly believed to be impervious to the elements, these decorative glazed units can be damaged by water penetration, failure due to faulty design or installation, or deteriorated iron fasteners. 


Premier offers the following terra cotta services:

  • Structural Stabilization: replacing original, failed anchors with helical ties. Premier is a certified Cintec™ installer.
  • Full unit replacement: replication of units to replace those beyond patching or repair
  • Patching: replicating details from the original design to restore building elements
  • Reglazing: reproducing the protective coating to ensure it is sealed and its life is extended
  • Pointing or sealant: ensuring existing stone, and the building façade, is protected and secure